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December 16th memories...
I fondly remember being the kid sister of an original (I think) December 16th reveler.  There I was, eagerly anticipating Christmas's arrival so I could open my few gifts, when lo and behold, a full 9 days before the holiday, I was given a small present by my brother's good friend, John.  It was a tiny stuffed elephant from a magical place called "Wally World" (which I was later to learn is our favorite all-purpose store, and at which, some 20 years later, I was to do all of my Christmas shopping in one night!).  I was overjoyed!  Between my younger sister's hippopotamus and my elephant, we had the best December 16th ever!!  But not because of the toys - because of the thoughtfulness of their giver.  Thanks for the memories!

Nicole (Waite) Sudhoff
Lombard, IL
I was not familiar with the special meaning of December 16th, but December 15th is special for me as it is my wedding anniversary date.  My story of Dec 15 is quite unusual as my former wife and myself married for the second time on the same date. Our first marriage was Dec 15, 1957.  Our second marriage was Dec 15, 2004.  This year we celebrated out 2nd - 2nd wedding anniversary.

Lyle Ernst
More memories to be posted soon!

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Cool website! my Birthday is December 16th!!!

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Roxi Renee Joyce
I was born on Dec 16.... and incidentally like your 1980

Vidya Ramachandran